Saturday, February 28, 2015

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Skills Competency Checklist

CNA Competency ChecklistNot PerformedMinimal ExperienceProficient
Assist with Admission of Patient
Assist with Ambulation
Assist with bedpan / urinal / commode
Backrubs / back care
Basic Medical asepsis
Bathing: complete / partial Sitz
Bed cradles
Bed making: occupied / unoccupied / surgical
Bed rails: when / how to use them
Cast Care
Charting / checklists / graphic charts
Compresses: warm / cold
Coughing / deep breathing
Crutch walking: Assist patient
Dangling patient
Dietary restrictions
Discharge of patient
Documentation: vital signs, I & O
Documentation of patient’s belongings
Elastic stockings (AE hose)
Elimination check & record
Enemas, rectal tubes, Harris flush
Feed patient
Foley catheter care & emptying
Hand Hygiene
Height: measure & record
Intake & output measure & record
Infection Control Precautions
Standard Universal Precautions
Reverse Isolation
TB / Airborne Precautions
MRSA / VRE Precautions
Nourishment for patients
Observing patients
Oral hygiene
Patient safety standards / Precautions
Perineal care
Positioning patients
Prosthetic devices (care of dentures, contact lenses, etc.)
Range of motion exercises
Reporting changes of patient condition
Reporting / recording of patient’s pain level
Skin Care
Specimen Collection
Routine Urine
Clean Catch
12 & 24-hour specimen
From Foley Catheter
Vital signs
Computer SkillsNot PerformedMinimal ExperienceProficient
Job related computer knowledge / EMR systems
Age Specific CareNot PerformedMinimal ExperienceProficient
Infant (Birth to 1 year)
Toddler (1-3 years)
Pre-school (3-6 years)
School Age (6-12 years)
Adolescent (12-18 years)
Young Adult (18-30 years)
Mature Adult (30-60 years)
Elderly (>60 years)


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