Ready for a Career Move?

Get started on a travel nursing career!
These questions will help you confirm your decision to pursue a travel health professional career.

  • Do you dream of making a positive impact in your field while earning a great income and developing your skills?
  • Can you appreciate the advantages of working with both medical professionals and patients of various backgrounds or those with diverse perspectives?
  • Are you thinking of relocating, and want to check out a new community before settling permanently?
  • Do you thrive on adventure, embrace new experiences, and welcome the variety of working with new populations in a wide range of facilities?

I’m ready! Where do I start?

The first step will be making sure your credentials are in order and certifications are up to date. We can help! Additionally, as with any job, you’ll want to make sure your own health is at its peak. Are your immunizations current? Have you passed a recent physical? Great! You’re on your way!

Forging ahead with Worldwide is simple, and you can begin right now with our easy online application. You will also fill out a skills assessment checklist to help our placement professionals find the most personally suitable assignments.

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If you require assistance with completing the online application process, please call Worldwide Travel Staffing at (866) 633-3700 (toll free within the US) or (716) 821-9001 (worldwide).

That’s it!

Once you have submitted the application and filled out your Skills Assessment Form, one of our experienced recruiters will be in touch to answer every one of your questions.

Congratulations and bon voyage!