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Worldwide is the best agency! They are organized and so nice. Despite living out of state, it doesn’t seem like it as their communication skills are great. Mark is an incredible recruiter who is attentive and always gets back to you as promised. I’ve always had bad experiences with other agencies and recruiters. Not with Worldwide!
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Worldwide Travel Staffing is the best! The Worldwide Travel Staffing team has been extremely professional and responsive. Vicki Varela went above and beyond to identify nursing opportunities specifically in areas of interest, searching through numerous RN listings to find the perfect fit. She was highly knowledgeable of all aspects of the travel process, and provided guidance every step of the way. Vicki’s willingness, dedication, and superlative efforts created the most exceptional experience throughout my career search. She exhibited the utmost kindness, support, and flexibility in my unique situation. Ultimately, I am so grateful for Vick’s time, patience, and thoughtfulness. This organization is the kind that inspires and empowers their employees. I deeply appreciated Vicki Varela for being the bright light that made such a powerful and positive impact during my career shift.
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Working with Worldwide Travel Staffing has been a wonderful experience for me. My travel coordinator Genna and director Sam have been so easy to work with, responsive, and kind. Genna is always on top answering my questions and wishing me a great day. Her and Sam have ensured that the job placement is going well for myself and the employer. They are truly a pleasure to work with.
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Having been a travel nurse for five years, I’ve learned the traveler’s best friend is a loyal agency with professional integrity. I have been with Worldwide three and a half years, all told, and have always found them honest, reliable, and focused on helping me meet my goals. When concerns arise, as they do in travel nursing, I’ve been able to talk to management-level people who were caring, helpful, and supportive. Val, my recruiter, is positive, kind, straightforward, and diligent, She’s a great listener and often there when I call, but if she’s not, she’s incredibly prompt in getting back with me. I referred a fellow traveler to Val, and he was very impressed, texting, “Genuine, spends time with you without rushing you, When she talks to you, she’s genuinely focused on you. I liked talking to her – very respectful.” I’m glad I found Worldwide – they’ve been everything I could ask for in an agency. I’m happy to say I can highly recommend them, whether a nurse is just starting their travel career, or whether they’ve been in the industry for some time.
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I have so much I could tell you about Worldwide Travel Staffing, but only so much space to write, I have nothing but good things to say about the agency and my recruiter, Val Anastasi. The agency assisted in me in securing housing when I accepted my first assignment in Bangor, Maine. (FYI – probably the best job I’ve ever had). The executive director, Joseph Giaimo contacted me at home prior to my first assignment to discuss the assignment, and then to provide me information regarding the secured housing. I had many questions about the process of travel nursing, and my recruiter answered all of them without hesitation. She has been a wonderful resource, and even when I wasn’t sure that I was doing the right thing, she listened without judgment, and let me vent when I needed to do that. Val has been that voice of reason and compassion throughout my travels. I have been traveling only since August, 2021, but you wouldn’t know that Val has only known me for a short time. She has been invested in my career, and even remembering small pieces of information that were important to me. She has been a recruiter, a friend, a confidante, and always there when I need her. No travel agency is going to be able to give you everything you want, but I would not hesitate to refer you to WTS, and especially to my recruiter, Val Anastasi.
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