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State-Specific Electronic (Adobe Sign) and Downloadable (PDF) Forms.

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Electronic (Adobe Sign) and Downloadable (PDF) Forms
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AAS Attestation Form Updates  (PDF Only) PDF
Age-Specific Education Adobe Sign PDF
Annual Policy Sign-off Form Adobe Sign PDF
Annual Self-Assessment and Policy Sign-off Adobe Sign PDF
Attestation for New Employees Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Basic Concepts in Psychiatry Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens & Universal Precautions Policy Signoff Adobe Sign PDF
Blue Cross Blue Shield (Highmark) Enrollment Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Contact Information Request and Invitation to Self-Identify Adobe Sign
COVID-19 Vaccination Declination Adobe Sign
Dental Enrollment Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Direct Deposit Form Adobe Sign PDF
Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law  (PDF Only) PDF
Executive Order 11246 Invitation to Self-Identify  (Adobe Sign Only) Adobe Sign
Facility Hours Verification Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Field Staff Handbook  (PDF Only) PDF
First Aid  (PDF Only) PDF
Hepatitis B Waiver Form Adobe Sign PDF
HIPAA and Abuse Self-Study and Tests Adobe Sign PDF
History & Physical Form – Two Step PPD  (PDF Only) PDF
History & Physical Form – One Step PPD  (PDF Only) PDF
I-9 Form 2023 Adobe Sign PDF
Influenza Immunization Waiver Form Adobe Sign PDF
Job Description – Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse  (PDF Only) PDF
Job Description – Physical Therapist  (PDF Only) PDF
Job Description – Radiological Technologist  (PDF Only) PDF
Job Description – Registered Nurse  (PDF Only) PDF
Job Description – Surgical Technologist  (PDF Only) PDF
Kaiser Security Investigation & Consent Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Medication Administration Education Form  (PDF Only) PDF
Pain  (PDF Only) PDF
Pain Management Test (PDF Only) PDF
Pain Recognition  (PDF Only) PDF
Permanent Tax Resident Form Adobe Sign PDF
References  (PDF Only) PDF
Required Forms for Local Assignments  (Adobe Sign Only) Adobe Sign
Required Forms for Travel Assignments  (Adobe Sign Only) Adobe Sign
Resident Adjustment to Institutional Life  (PDF Only) PDF
Residents’ Rights  (PDF Only) PDF
Retirement – Brochure and Enrollment 401k  (PDF Only) PDF
Round Trip Travel Reimbursement Form Adobe Sign PDF
Security Investigation Consent & Release Form  (Adobe Sign Only) Adobe Sign
Standard Security Life Insurance Company Form  (PDF Only) PDF
TB Questionnaire Adobe Sign PDF
Universal Precautions Policy Form  (PDF Only) PDF
W-4 Form 2023 Adobe Sign PDF
Waiver of Group Health Benefits Adobe Sign PDF