New Hampshire Department of Corrections

New Hampshire State Prison for Men (NHSPM) Concord, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire State Prison for Men is the state’s oldest prison facility. The original state prison was built in 1812. A new facility was constructed in 1878. Following extensive renovations and new construction in the 1980s, this facility remains in use today. The NH State Prison for Men is a multi-security-level male-only facility with the capacity of 1,205.

The New Hampshire State Prison for Men (NHSPM) in Concord provides housing for three classification levels of male offenders ranging from general population (C3) to maximum security (C5). In addition, all male inmates newly incarcerated in the NHDOC system are processed through the Reception and Diagnostic Unit (R&D).

New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women (NHCFW) Goffstown, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women, located in the town of Goffstown, houses minimum, medium, and close custody state-sentenced female inmates.  As an outcome of the Department’s collaborative effort at the women’s prison, significant progress has been made toward expanding opportunities and services within the constraints of the existing facility.

Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility (NCF) Berlin, New Hampshire

The Northern New Hampshire Corrections Facility is the newest prison facility in New Hampshire. Construction was completed in 1999, and the facility opened in 2000. Their mission is to provide a safe and secure environment that will challenge individuals to develop their potential through personal growth, promote meaningful learning opportunities that nurture responsible decision making, recognize and support development of emotional maturity and advance personal responsibility, honor individual strengths, respect and embrace the commitment to disciplined teamwork as essential to safe and efficient prison management.

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